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The spots should go in Korea for 4 days 4 nights

28/08/2020 1004 view
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You can go to Jeju Island, Seoul, Seoraksan National Park in spring - the most beautiful time of the year in Korea. 

With many attractive tourist attractions, the land of kimchi is the right place for you to visit all four seasons of the year. In the summer with a bit of hot sunlight, you can walk around Haeundae beach, Busan to enjoy the fresh, refreshing feeling that the sea brings. In autumn, when the trees produce yellow and red leaves, you should come to Seoraksan National Park to see the charming but equally poetic picture of nature. In winter, you can set foot on the snowy hills. Fishing, skiing ... are exciting activities waiting for you in winter. So what about spring?

Đến đây vào mùa xuân, bạn sẽ được tận hưởng không khí trong lành cùng khí trời se lạnh nhưng vẫn không kém phần ấm áp. 


Coming to Korea in spring, you can watch the cherry blossoms bloom. 

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year for Korea. At this time, it was still a bit chilly in winter, but also preparing to change into summer sun. Korean weather in February and March is very beautiful, blue sky, white clouds, colorful flowers, cool air but also a little warm.

If you want to enjoy the ideal scenery of Korean spring, you can choose a 4 day 4 night tour with the following interesting destinations: 

Jeju Island

The land is dubbed the "island of the gods" is a famous attraction attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. This is also one of the ideal resorts, chosen by Korean couples on their honeymoon. Jeju Island gives you a wonderful space with fresh air.

Vẻ đẹp hùng vĩ và hoang sơ của hòn đảo Jeju Hàn Quốc. 


The majestic and wild beauty of Jeju Island.

At the edge of the island, you can see the clear picture of the sky next to the murmur of the trees and listen to the sound of waves rushing. In addition, you can also watch volcanic rock islands, sunset on the blue ocean, walk on long streets in Halla - Korea's highest peak ...

Jeju also has many famous restaurants, hotels and entertainment facilities with luxurious and modern designs waiting for you to explore. Visiting Jeju on a beautiful April day  in Korea  is not ideal. 


The second brightest candidate is the capital of the land of kimchi. Seoul is considered the most economically developed city of Korea. With its vibrant features, Seoul is no less next to any tourist area and is one of the best destinations in Korea you should not miss.

In Seoul, there are many large shopping malls, gathering places, and night markets. This will be a suitable tourist destination for those who like the bustling life of the city but still want to relax.

Seoraksan National Park

If you are someone who wants to fully experience Korea, Seoraksan is an ideal place waiting for you to visit. Seoraksan space in April will give you a very romantic scene that you have been dreaming of through Korean love movies.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience many interesting activities such as conquering the top of Seoraksan mountain covered in mist, exploring famous temples like Baekdamsa ... Seoraksan National Park deserves is one of the sweetest and most poetic tourist spots of this country.

Everland Park

If you have set foot in the Korean capital, why not try to stop by Everland Park? Considered the most famous entertainment area in Korea with many interesting games and enchanting scenery, Everland Park is located on the outskirts of Seoul, so you will not have to spend much time moving here.

Everland has a large green campus, fast food restaurants, camping locations, outdoor picnic with many exciting thrilling games. This is a favorite dating place for couples on weekends. Come here, you will be spoiled for taking pictures of "virtual life", playing "forgetting the way back" and enjoying delicious Korean specialties.

Haeundae Beach, Busan

Bãi biển Haeundae – Busan cũng là một địa điểm được các nhà làm phim yêu thích trên màn ảnh Hàn Quốc


Haeundae Beach is chosen as the backdrop for many film and television works. 

Appeared in many romantic love movies, Haeundae beach has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea. In the hot summer, hundreds of thousands of people come here to swim and enjoy the open space. What is better than when in a  Korean tour , you and your loved one hold hands and walk around the beach and listen to the gentle sound of waves hitting your own love hearts?

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